Starlings Island
In the Chesapeake Bay, just offshore of Saxis, VA


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     There aren't very many privately owned islands in the Chesapeake Bay.  Most of them are far from the mainland (and electricity) making construction difficult and expensive.  Of the few islands that are near the mainland, few meet today's strict regulations for septic systems and can't be built on.  Starlings Island, nestled in Pocomoke Sound, a part of the Chesapeake Bay, is one of the exceptions.  While it is mainly surrounded by open water and neighboring wetland islands, the mainland and all utilities are only 400 feet away in the quaint fishing village of Saxis.  Perhaps most important of all, a Health Department approved septic system is already installed.

     Believed to be between 75 to 90 acres in size, Starlings Island's unique location and proximity to the mainland make it an ideal location for a year round home or a vacation getaway.  It offers unparalleled views of the Chesapeake Bay in one direction and thousands of acres of pristine marsh in the other.  With the village of Saxis and all utilities only a stone's throw away, island living with all of life's conveniences is possible. 

      We had hoped to build our retirement home here, but sadly events in our lives require us to leave the area and we have decided to offer Starlings Island for sale at a price of $450,000. 

    Please use this website to explore Starlings Island, the surrounding area and all of its possibilities.  Should you have any questions, please contact

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